Global Outreach Teams

Jesus said to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” At The Chapel, we believe this command is a command for every follower of Christ. As a church, we have developed Global Outreach Teams as one of the ways to fulfill this commission. We call them GO Teams, and they exist to help you find your place in proclaiming Jesus to the world.

Member Care Team

This teams recruits and equips community groups and individuals to a adopt Chapel supported missionaries and support them by praying for them every week, contacting them every month and sending them a gift (cards or care packages) twice a year.

Mobilization Team

Be a member of a team that teaches others about God's heart for the world and shares opportunities for getting involved.

Prayer Team

Sign up to pray for Chapel missionaries and for what God is doing around the world through The Chapel.

Welcome Team

Discover ways you or your community group can reach out to the international community living in Baton Rouge.

Awareness Team

Learn more about Chapel missionaries, where they serve and what they do, and help develop ways to inform others at The Chapel. 

Tell Me More About GO Teams

Check the teams in which you are interested.